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Yoga Classes

All classes now live streaming online. Angela will also be available for online 1–2-1 sessions to help develop and sustain your own home practice particularly during these difficult times. We can turn this in into a positive opportunity to deepen our relationship with yoga. Yoga is a journey inwards not outward;  it is important to pay attention to […]

Yoga Classes
January 22, 2019

Yoga Nidra is a wonderful way of releasing stress and tension with the teacher guiding you into a deep state of relaxation. Next session Thursday 14th February 6.45-7.45pm Combe Down village. Email for further details or to book a space –  

Yoga Classes

Starting Monday 25th February, 9.30-10.45am – new yoga class in Combe Down Village with highly experienced instructor. Suitable for beginners, improvers and ‘rusty returners’. Limited spaces available so pre-booking a must.  Email for further details or a booking form –  

Yoga Classes
January 6, 2019

Do you want to explore more than yoga postures? Are you interested in what lies beneath? A course of 5 meetings  to explore opening and deepening our yoga experience meditative techniques investigating tension and resistance the question of self Tuesdays from 15th January in Combe Down, Bath. Small group. Limited places Email for details

Yoga Classes

Yoga Nidra classes at Rush Hill Drs Surgery Friday 9th November and Monday 17th December 6.15 – 7.15pm. Deeply restorative, guided, meditative classes in a warm, candlelit room. Email to reserve a space.

Yoga Classes

Yoga Nidra is a wonderful way of releasing stress and tension. The practitioner rests comfortably on his/her back whilst the teacher guides the class into a state where the body is as if asleep (nidra) yet the mind is awake. With regular practice this may leave you feeling profoundly relaxed, refreshed and calm. NEXT CLASS […]

September 27, 2017

New class at Yoga Bodhi on Monday mornings 9.15-10.30am – Healthy Spine Yoga. You will use movement, breath, sound and stillness to help find space, relieve tension and cultivate healthy movement patterns. You will explore how breathing and spinal movement are intimately connected and how our patterns in either, or both, may not be helpful . […]