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Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs

A gentle, specially adapted yoga course suitable for those with no previous yoga experience

Yoga Class Format

Gentle yoga poses require sitting on a chair, standing, kneeling or lying on the floor on a yoga mat, use of the breath and relaxation techniques.

Props such as a yoga block, a blanket or belt are used to aid effectiveness and comfort. Learn life-long skills to improve mental and physical health.

A large UK RCT research trial has proven this specialist yoga programme to be of benefit for chronic low back pain. The University of York (York Trials Unit, Department of Health Sciences) ran one of the largest research studies into yoga to date, funded by Arthritis Research UK. Teachers from the Iyengar Yoga Association (UK) and British Wheel of Yoga designed and ran specialist group classes in five areas of the UK for chronic back pain. The positive results were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in Nov 2011.

Participants learn pain-relieving postures and poses for healing and improvement of back health plus relaxation and breath awareness. Re-education and re-alignment of the body plus raised self-awareness are aims.

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